Abstract Concentration Theory

Begin with this supposition: you are both observer and object of the environment in which you are traversing. You are not a dot in the universe but a being with a physical presence, a brain, senses, emotions, history and expectations for the future. In this capacity you observe, influence and are influenced by your surroundings. You move. You think. And because you are a part of what you observe, you are also the one most equipped to influence what you perceive. Your very presence instigates movement of everything around you in the direction of your choosing.
And there you are: a mere entity in your surroundings. You are a person, a thinker, an artist. You paint. And in your work you explore the possibility of a new consciousness and a way to extend yourself with your work. Your cognicity and your physicality are linked. Your intelligence coincides with your actions. A line on the canvas or a curve in your image is a line or curve, an abstract given, a form yet with your presence. Your brain, thoughts, feelings, knowledge, abilities, possibilities of projecting concepts into the future can all give that line or curve a soul and a meaning. This is the impetus you send out into the world. Your thoughts are behind it and within it and are radiating from your consciousness and everything you know. When you can direct your thinking, shape your surroundings and project yourself into several places at once, you then become more than just a person who simply judges the world. You are the world.
Raymond Cuijpers 2016